NewEvents Global, Portugal

A consultancy, training and management company for fairs and events.

There are 27 years of professional experience in the fairs and events market. Newevents is a pioneer and specialized company in the advisory and consultancy in Management and Marketing of Fairs and Events at a global level.
It aims to serve as a strategic partner for companies and entities that need to guide their needs and obtain correct planning in the actions to be applied at fairs and events.

Specialized in consulting - NewEvents Consulting, training - NewEvents Academy and event organization - NewEvents Management, NewEvents Global is proud to act quickly in the creation, management and implementation of feasible solutions both nationally and internationally in order to maximize the potential of the customer and generate business.

To this end, we have established strategic agreements with the best national and international consultants in areas such as management, marketing, communication and production, among many others, allowing them to provide a quality service globally.
Our network of consultants allows us to operate in any part of the globe, easily finding solutions for all companies that intend to use fairs and events as marketing tools for the expansion and internationalization of their businesses.

Consolidation as an international marketing consultancy and organization of fairs and events, recognized and valued for the excellence of services provided globally.

Promote the best results for customers, through the creation of personalized growth solutions, based on the creation of services and events of excellence, advice and strategic guidance, adaptation of creative solutions and the transfer of knowledge, promoting success and competence to customers and partners.

»Ethics and Respect for Customers and Employees
" Participative management
»Continuous Qualification
»Sustainable social and environmental responsibility
»Market orientation
" Value creation

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