Bashkir Exhibition Company, Russia

One of the largest exhibition companies in Russia, founded in 2003
·  Member of the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI)
·  Member of the Russian Union of Exhibition and Fairs (RUEF)
·  Member of the Russian Federation Chamder of Commerce and industry
·  Award Winner of the Colden Mercury National Prize in the field of entrepreneurial activities
·  Winner of the contest 2017 “100 best goods of Russian”
·  In 2017 there were held 30 exhibitions and 11 forums of intemational and national level
·  All BVK events are held with the support of federal and republican authorities, relevant mibistries, industry associations and unios
·  Professional staff sble to solve tasks of anu complexity
·  Operator of the international exhibitions in Ufa and other Russian regions, expoliting brand-new technologies and modern exhibition standards

Bashkir Exhibition Company successfully promotes products and technologies which contribute to the development of the industrial complex and the economy not only of the city and the Republic, but also of Russia as a whole. The company works using new technologies with the use of modern marketing strategies and combines all the elements of promotion and quality services in the market. The events are organized in the “all inclusive” format.

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