CAEx, Uzbekistan

The exhibition complex covers an area of 23,000 square meters and consists of a pavilion of 18,000 square meters and a two-level hall with an area of 4,000 square meters. The hall includes registration areas, a food court, conference halls, and meeting rooms.

Technical specifications of the exhibition area:
- Installation gates measuring 6x6 meters - 4 units
- Artificial lighting - 500 lux per 1 square meter
- Ceiling height - 11 meters
- Floor load capacity - 3 tons per 1 square meter
- Air conditioning systems
- Audio-video equipment, elevators, and escalators
- Access for people with reduced mobility
- High-voltage electrical, water, and compressed air connection points

The project's mission is to be an authentic symbol of Uzbekistan's renewal. This means for us:
1. Contributing to the development of Uzbekistan's business climate
2. Creating a comfortable business environment and improving the country's business culture
3. Promoting the development of competition

The project's uniqueness lies in the fact that the exhibition center is currently the largest in Central Asia, forming a space that serves as a true bridge to the world of Asia, with its cultural heritage and new opportunities. Situated in the heart of the region, we are unveiling new facets of Asia, showcasing its potential, uniqueness, and capacity for integration.

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